This trimester’s major project will be a post production based project that involves replacing ADR, composition, Foley and Sound Effects for the Balcony scene in Disney’s film, Aladdin. See the scene in the link below…. 

The scene goes for roughly six minutes and has a large variety sounds ranging from splat’s to swooshes, there’s even a boulder crash, as well as a song, “A Whole New World”. It is a fairly large project, which is why we will be using a team of four. In pairs, myself and prior project partner Wade will be working mainly on composition and sound effects, whilst John and Megan, our other project members, will focus on ADR and Foley. This doesn’t mean however, that we won’t be present for each other’s studio sessions or work, we each hope to be very involved in the whole process.

The Project Brief below includes a more detailed and thorough plan of our roles, milestones and deliverables.–STOnmW6tYJx3wqGtSvHLuT83WBYEA/edit?usp=sharing

Currently we have been organising studio booking dates, the talent who will be performing and devising somewhat of a schedule or milestones to help keep us on track. We have also just recently presented our project pitch to the class, the feedback was very positive in terms of our planning, the amount of work we will be taking on and our overall scope. As of now we are working on the planning for all the components, we are creating lists of all the individual bits of Foley and Sound Effects. For the ADR, we have found our talent, whom will also be recording the vocals for “A Whole New World”. We are also working out the composition and instrumentation for the score, we will also be acquiring a music student Griffith University to come in and perform the score on a Keyboard, which will be the foundation of the composition component.

At the moment we are aiming to have the project completed a week prior to the due date in order to gain feedback prior to our submission, also to market the final product correctly. The extra time will also be a great security net in case of issues, personal or project related. We are all very excited to try something very new, I know I, personally will learn a great deal from the project having never worked on Sound Effects or ADR for a project, should be an awesome experience.


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