Greetings! Thus far on the Aladdin Project we have been focusing heavily on recomposing the background music in the roughly 2 and half minutes of scenes prior to the main song, A Whole New World. This includes creating patches, analysing the structure and flow of the music/instruments, and rewriting it into MIDI, which has been my role. Already I have learnt a few important things about composition theory and techniques, as this is basically one big analysis based project.



One of the main realisations I have had, is how the background music or score is completely non-linear. There is no real tempo or exact scale to keep the music structured or in line, and whilst this made things a little difficult for rewriting, as I am far too well acquainted with the major scale, I discovered how versatile this made the music. It was free to convey any emotion how it wanted, and being in the background made it far more seamless and means that it could easily go unnoticed, despite the fact that it can be heard. The attention is usually on the visuals of course.

In analysing the background music, I often came across what sounded like change in scale, and I realised it was merely to suit the mood of the scene. For example, there would be a sad emotion conveyed by one of the characters and the music would suddenly descend  chromatically or down the minor scale, which has a disturbing/sombre sound depending on the melody of course. The the mood of the character changes and picks up to a happy and cheerful mood, and the music changes in a heartbeat to a bouncing major scale melody that lightens up the feeling. Quickly I realised the importance and capability of the music and score of film/animation.


For the recomposition I have been using the Pro Tools MIDI Editor running through a Native Instruments Kontakt Strings Plug-in, NI has a fairly good quality sound for most orchestral parts, we are still developing more on sounds and patches, however I hope to focus on tidying up the MIDI notation as much as possible beforehand. We have also recently been sent the MIDI notation for A Whole New World by our partnering Keyboardist/Composer which we will soon edit and use as the basis for our other MIDI instruments. Tomorrow we have a studio session in the C24 studio where we begin the long walk down the road of ADR. We are beginning with the dialogue for Aladdin and Genie. I am extremely excited to try replacing dialogue, although I will probably spend some of that time on the composition assuming that the session runs smoothly.


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