Greetings! I’m incredibly excited to announce we have finished recording the ADR for our three characters. Aladdin’s dialogue was replaced with fellow SAE student, Tye, who knows his way around the American accent better than any of us expected. Genie’s dialogue was replaced by another fellow student, John, who had the challenge of replicating one of the world’s most loved and recognised voices, Robin Williams, but did a great job despite this tall order. Princess Jasmine’s dialogue was replaced by my sister infact, Kati, having never stepped into a studio I was a little nervous for her, however it didn’t long for her inner princess in distress character to come out and she surprised us all with how well she performed. Although, having been singing the songs and mimicking the characters since we were little kids, I knew she wouldn’t have any problems.


On the Tuesday of this week just gone, we had a session to focus on Tye’s ADR for Aladdin, having originally booked the C24, we proceeded to set up, but soon found out that there was a mix up with the bookings regarding the live room. Luckily the Post Production Studio was free, which also has a little live room. I really don’t like being in these situations of compromise, as they are often a breeding ground for delay’s, technical issues and a general crappy mood. We seemed to have issues with sending anything to the headphones, and even getting decent levels from the microphone was a struggle. However, I’m well satisfied with the performance and quality of sound we got on the day. Tye did a great job with syncing his voice with the visuals, there was a noticeable flow with the each inflection of the character visuals and the ADR.  


On the Thursday we actually managed a Live room to be booked with the C24, but yet again we ran into issues with microphone levels and sending anything to the Headphones, even the member of the tech team that helped us was confused. Somehow we managed to fix the problem which was to do with the dimming from talkback.


We started with John’s ADR, some sections were much more challenging than others, as the Genie’s character is very dynamic, it changes from loud, fast and boisterous to quiet, slow and serious regularly. The sections that we chose to loop were often being cut in half, as there was just much to manage in on take. We found great parts for each take though, and were happy with the end result

IMG_0991.JPGJust as John finished Kati arrived and I briefed her how the session would go and tried to make it as easy as possible for her to get comfortable. John printed a script for her, which was probably far more helpful than my screenshots that I texted to her… Initially we had issue’s with getting Kati’s lines to start on cue, this was a real challenge as Princess Jasmine’s original ADR often started before she came into the visuals. The lack of a visual cue meant it took more recording time to get a solid take. We tried to narrow down some audio cues and visuals cues, or even make gestures in the control room. We managed to get solid takes for every part though as she got more comfortable.

We have posted the current product with all the ADR and composition so far on our class feedback page, we have received some super positive feedback from our lecturer Rose and other classmates, our next phase is Foley, however I aim to be focusing more on the composition as there is a lot of time and detail to be put into it. I am currently still re-writing out the score in MIDI, it’s quite challenging to find the the correct notation when it’s so far back in the mix from the ADR, and the instruments are often doing different things at any given time, which is taking a little longer than I hoped to identify correctly. However I hope to have the score up until A Whole New World up to a mixing stage by the end of next week. After which Wade and I will begin the composition for the song.



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