Well that wraps up our major project for Trimester 4, just to revisit the project grounds. Fellow group members John, Megan, Wade and myself, have over the previous weeks been doing our Post Production project, which involves recreating all of the audio elements for a 6 minute section of Aladdin, including the song A Whole New World. It’s been a fairly sizeable project despite there being 4 in our group, probably because I chose to take on the task of the composition. Other aspects included the Foley sounds, sound design and ADR.


Overall I’m fairly happy with my performance and efforts with this project, I personally put a lot of hours into this project and I’m confident that everyone else has played their role in making this project happen. Throughout this project I feel as if I have acted as a team player, showing up to as many studio sessions as I could, even when I wasn’t needed as much earlier on. We all felt it was important to be involved to a degree in all factors of the project, even if we had been assigned to a specific factor of the project. I’ve held a fairly positive attitude throughout this time, I wasn’t confronted with very many issues to test my problem solving thankfully, prior preparation with session file management and time management.


With my time management, I think I could still improve, possibly in area’s just like setting aside time beforehand for study, as opposed to just “getting around to it” when it’s convenient. It would improve my productivity as well. I think my adaptability was tested a bit as I was in new grounds, composition is something I’m interested in and passionate about, however had to learn a lot about the technical and theoretical factors along the way, such as how to use native instruments, orchestral arrangements, orchestral mixing and composition in general. As well as a plethora of Foley and ADR knowledge and techniques, particular in capturing Foley audio.

I was fairly confident in my ability to complete this project at a good level of quality, I feel that I had a good foundation in musical theory and songwriting to approach this project with a good amount of confidence, which aided my positive attitude greatly.

Overall this was an awesome experience, something very new but not too much out of my element for discomfort. I had a fantastic group of mates that put a lot of time and effort into this project and into making a good as possible, going the extra mile to make the quality just that much better.

Please check out the video in the link below…





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