The D&M Cover Concert is a new form of live music entertainment. A night full of different artists sharing different stories and songs that have deep, powerful message that has impacted them emotionally. Too many times I have turned on the radio to hear the same sound, the sound of any average mainstream artist’s hollow and bleak song that refers to poor messages of sex, money, fame, drugs and girls. The D&M Cover Concert is an event where the only music played is meaningful, heartfelt, lyrically powerful music.

Any artists are welcome to perform any music they want, regardless of genre, however it must be played in a pop acoustic style, as each song should be played on the same level and the lyrical message kept as a priority over any other elements that might shroud it.

The project takes the format of an event, a poster ad, and a radio broadcast promotion. These will launched on the online platforms of facebook and soundcloud. Facebook will hold the event which will include the details, location, time/date, description and a soundcloud link to the radio ad. The radio ad is basically a live session in which three performers from the concert to come in a play a snippet of the cover that they will playing. The will also be an interview beforehand with a promoter to establish an understanding of the event and inspiration behind what it’s about. We chose a radio session as we felt a lot of our type of audience would be radio listeners, and there more and more radio stations such as Itunes radio and Spotify radio that have gained many listeners.

The three covers are as follows…

  1. Korn – Thoughtless (performed by Kati Willmer)
  2. Jason Derulo – Breathing (performed by Bec Wilson)
  3. Tool – The Pot (performed by Tye McLoughlin)

We chose these songs as they just had a rich diversity of genres, this helped prove our point that any genre can be meaningful, whether it’s pop or metal. The lyrical message is the key factor in the song that we want to put emphasis on. 

Below is the Facebook event page with the details to the event…



The following link leads to the radio broadcast session only…




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