Over the past month, scoping and pre production for my major capstone project has begun, the size and concept of which is very large and intricate. Two fellow audio students, Lloyd and John, and myself, have conjured up a concept which we feel is very original, experimental and something we are passionate and excited about.

Our Concept…….

We will be creating something of an “audio-visual” album, specially around 40 minutes worth of however many songs that encompasses, each with its own basic film which will add both emotion and context to the music. These songs will be composed by ourselves, and will be inspired and influenced in all aspects, according to the filmed visual. The films will stretch the length of each song will be very simple. They will be of a different person in each song, focusing on their face and the all the details of their facial and emotional expressions. With slight use of effects, which we aim to be using to enhance the displayed emotions and the feeling of the film.

The music will be highly influenced by these films, and this means the specificities in terms of genre and instrumentation will waiver depending on the individual accounts of each person. To put a name to the general feeling or style of the music, I would say experimental, ambient, instrumental. The rest is fairly varied, it will go from very dark distorted guitars to happy piano melodies.

What’s different about our concept from normal songwriting, is that instead of taking our own feelings and experiences and using that as inspiration to make music, we are using other people’s stories and emotions to fuel the meaning, that will be the creative inspiration for the songs. Hence the focus on our perception of music and and it’s effects on emotion. A point of interest is how we may perceive the physical display of emotions of others, being different people, our personally unique interpretations will be a major variable.

Just this week we gave our first of two pitches for this project, a draft or practice for our next pitch, in which we must get the green light. Our feedback on this presentation was very positive, there a lot of praise for our concept and how diverse it was compared to many other projects that have been done before, most of which in audio, are regular albums or EP’s. Some of the feedback we received was that getting solid emotions out of people will be fairly hard, especially strangers. There some suggestions around getting actors or at least someone who can direct the subjects through the cause of the filming, whom may not end up being strangers as it will be very hard to find people willing to open up emotionally. Students, actors, family and friends could very well be the way to go. We also hope to talk to some film students or profession about how we can get a quality image.

Currently we are planning our approach to the filming process as we cannot start composing until we have adequate visuals locked in. This involve creating a release form or contract for our film subjects for security and to prevent anyone kicking up a fuss later on about us using their film.

More info to come soon!


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