For my trimester 5 major project, I will be fully producing an EP with 5 piece Indie rock band from Brisbane, The Gruvs. This EP will be 3 or 4 songs in length and will be the band’s first EP to be released. The musicians are all 3rd year music students at QUT, on the verge of graduating, they’re really excited to finish up their degrees and get into the studio.The band plays regularly around Brisbane at different venues such as the Black Bear Lodge, The Milk Factory, The Zoo and others, both as headliners and support bands. They have released a single called “Roses”, since their inception in early 2015, however has no other officially released music. Please check out “Roses” below…

The document in the link below is a copy of my brief for this project, containing my scope, schedule, risk assessment, budget and justification etc.


Im very excited to be producing this band, I feel although it’s not my band, I feel that offers me a great deal of freedom to explore creatively, things such as different techniques and styles of production without it being my performance. Often when I and working on a band project, I have been apart of the writing and performance process, which is a benefit in some ways, however I believe it can also be a dreadful burden that hangs over me when I get to editing and mixing, and it often means I will confine myself to techniques that I already know and it won’t push me to go out and learn anything new. That is something I appreciate about this project, there is more freedom and less concern about my own performance or writing.

Currently, having listened to their live demo’s, their previous track, and having seen them live, I feel like the band is lacking something. Although, not another instrument, like they’re missing some sort of character to the vocal sound or guitar sound. I feel like the songs are good quality and well written, but there is a possibility that the Grüvs haven’t quite found their sound. With this project I hope to experiment with the general tone and effects of some elements. For example, there is a plug-in called the Line 6 echo farm, it is key character of the vocal sound from the Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner, I hope to acquire and experiment with this plug-in and others that have a unique sound.

Image result for line 6 echo farm

Tomorrow the recording begins, we have managed to organise a time for all of the band members to come and record scratch tracks. This will be of a tremendous help to both myself and the band, hopefully they will be able to creatively explore their sound. For myself this will be a great help, as I will be able to trial some mics and recording techniques, as well as get accustomed to the band and just listen to them play. There will be some trial and error, however this is good as it will help develop the project’s movement. I also really don’t want the first time we officially go in the studio to record final takes, to be the first time I hear them in a studio setting.

Stay tuned and get keen…


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