It has taken roughly 25 weeks to complete this project, but I’m here, I’ve graduated and it’s all wrapped up. This project has easily been the highlight of my degree, it’s been very creatively freeing and full of exciting challenges, despite it taking half a year to plan and execute.

My personal favourite track^^

For anyone reading for the first time, “Through The Eyes Of Others” is an inspiring audio-visual album that’s focus is drawn from 6 individual males and their battles with depression. Each video clip features an audio-visual experience that will follow a dramatic true story of each participant with visuals of the males in a confrontational light.

We’ve found male depression is a relatively unspoken subject and we wanted to change that and raise awareness for this important societal issue by gathering people together for an exhibition that will expose our project to the community and create an inclusive environment to showcase our work, bring people together and show our support for men’s mental health.

The sound we were going for was something similar to Russian Circles and Explosions In The Sky, very emotional and dynamic instrumental music. We didn’t want there to be any vocals because men don’t talk about depression, so there would be no talking or singing to fabricate the stories. We wanted it to be raw and emotional, and it was.

Over the course of the project, we had one major unexpected event. To our surprise, the ad we put up on Star Now for the actors for our project, had attracted roughly 35 applicants. We were blown away by this amount of people who wanted to be involved on the project. Furthermore, we were surprised at how many of them had suffered depression themselves. Quickly we realised not only how many people out there had suffered from depression, and these people who had suffered from depression were generally interested in taking action to help prevent in whatever way they can. From this we decided that our so called “actors”, were not just actors, they weren’t acting, this was real for them, their experiences were real and everything that the visuals had captured was pure and authentic, which made the whole project mean so much more.  

To see the project website visit this link.  

To see our Bandcamp page visit this link:

To see our Youtube channel with all the videos visit this link:



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